Imagine a small device that it does day after day surer and calm for all

When Olga Arriola lost his 2 year old son for ten minutes in a mall , he inspired the idea for ' Geon Kids' : a new type of device to keep parents and their children in touch. After talking with other parents, it was clear that there was a need for this type of device to help give children the freedom they need to explore and discover, while remaining in contact with those who are most interested.

Geon kids, is a great solution that combines the best platform compatible location with IOS & Android mobile devices, while with the most advanced and integrated technology into a small device that provides smaller or not so small, freedom to make a lot of adventures with confidence and security. In the case of parents / relatives or guardians, may give more independence movements in children without be aware at all times where they are.

In what cases applies this technology?

In either , but it is important to highlight the following:

  1. Big surfaces.
  2. In the pool or beach.
  3. When they are playing in the park.
  4. Daily route to school. (Roundtrip)
  5. Excursions
  6. In case of accidents.
  7. Cases of Bullying
  8. Stranger Danger
  9. Allergies