Device operation Geon Kids

how it works geonkids


Purchase , configuration and access in 5 easy steps


1) Access tab "Store" Main Menu. Escoger SmartWatch and color wished. Make the buying process.

how it works geonkids

how it works geonkids


The initial device configuration, has no cost.



2) You have to hire a data plan, or data and voice according SmartWatch chosen, to work the solution.

Currently, for performance / service we recommend 'Simyo', however the SmartWatch 'Geon Kids' to be free, you can work with

any operator. Management is done by us directly with this operator.



The monthly cost of the contracted rate will always be charged to the customer and never the manufacturer.

Steps once hired a data plan with another operator

a) Send a email a: Including in the field 'Subject': 'Shipping SIMM card' followed by 'Phone number' SIMM hired. In the message body must include following data:

Name, NIF and Operator Contracted.

b) The documentation received by the operator including SIMM card, you can bring it to our office or send it by express mail.

Our contact details are:

Company: Ozeanus Mobile Solutions IT
Street:Passeig de Gràcia 12, 1ª Planta
Postal Code: 08007
City: Barcelona
Country: Spain

Once we have the SIMM card, proceed to make configuration Smartwatch and its various performance tests. Subsequently Smartwatch will send all documentation.

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simm geon kids
mail geon kids
watch geon kids


3) Download the App "SeTracker2" for location, see alerts, SOS call, safe area, etc..., in the Apple App Store ™ and

at Play Store de Google ™.


download app


The monthly cost of service is 2€ (VAT included).

Access and use of the online platform through the APP, and support for the SmartWatch purchased included.

4) The manufacturer will perform in the system. access data communicated to the buyer.

Later the same customer, you can change the password from the same APP.



download app


5) Connect to Geon Kids. (Starting the SmartWatch and access to the platform by Apple & Android App).

Once the SmartWatch is available, you must press the top button to the right until you see the message 'Welcome'. SmartWatch automatically shows the main menu with the time, coverage data signal operator, battery level and GPS if at that time.
You can display the location , alarms, ... from the Apple & Android APP, yes, introducing the 'Username' y 'Password'.

From now on you will be connected with your children in any adventure. One touch for the location. One touch to be called, simple and effective.



download app